You have found Sluggo's Goon Music, an independent music collective. Sluggo’s Goon Music is based in New York City and presents albums and live performances by a small group of musicians with select guests including At War With Self, Dave Corp, Vehicle, von garcia and The Gas. Artist affiliates include James Von Buelow, Damon Trotta, Glenn Snelwar, Dave Archer, Pete Teresi, Steve Decker, Arne Wendt, Mark Sunshine, Manfred Dikkers, Mr. Grin, Matt Hankle and Ben Monder. Publisher affiliates include No Mo Spares, Loopykeys Music and SGM. Album titles include Acts of God, I Think a Think, The Sweet Life, The Grease Spot, Drunkin Drivin and Cookin With.. Studio afflilates include The Bass Mynt and Turtletone Studio. We are an indie label producing indie music in indie times. Check it out.


A few quotes..
"If you are sonically adventurous, you’ll be left exhausted and invigorated by the discovery of a new sound.."

"Landfill, Miles Davis, Toxic Fumes and Nine Inch Nails don’t combine without a caustic reaction. Welcome to the new burn.."

"One of the albums that give new fuel, ideas and possibilities to the stylistically one-dimensional progressive rock music of nowadays.."

"The boys have worked with the likes of James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Bernard Purdie and the aforementioned Mr. Worrell and you can feel why.."

"King Crimson meets Stevie Wonder, Eddie Van Halen castrates Medeski Martin and Wood with a rusty can. Uncatagorizable!.."